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2nd February 2019

Special Consensus Poster

Award-winning bluegrass band Special Consensus return and they have never sounded better. Their repertoire features traditional Bluegrass standards, original compositions and songs from other musical genres performed in the Bluegrass style.
The evening’s performance will also include songs and tunes from their newly released album Rivers and Roads which has already been awarded 2 IBMA’s; Squirrel Hunters won Instrumental Recorded Performance of the Year and the album won Album of the Year!
Special Consensus play with boundless energy that tugs at the heart and gets those toes tapping. Music like this is the reason people come to love Bluegrass.


Special Consensus

Greg Cahill banjo / vocals
Rick Faris guitar / vocals
Dan Eubanks bass / vocals
Nick Dumas mandolin / vocals

For some videos of Special Consensus, please see HERE...

Saturday 22nd September 2018
Catsfield Village Hall

Whitetop Mountain Girls

Supported by Alive and Picking

Whitetop Mountain Girls

Friday 31st August 2018

G-runs 'n' Roses

G-runs n Roses

Links to their videos on YouTube...

Misery River (up-tempo bluegrass)

Valerie (Amy Winehouse bluegrass cover) 

California Cottonfields (bluegrass/country standard)

I Know The Way To You (country ballad)


Saturday 25th November 2017

Catsford Village Hall

Flyer 27th November 2017

One Tree Hillibillies

One Tree Hillbillies hail from Essex and are a very versatile Bluegrass Band with over 30 years of playing Bluegrass Music and are always in demand on the Festival, club and pub circuit.
One of The Bluegrass Plus’s favourite bands and we were lucky to have them for our Xmas Bash

Alex -fiddle
Dave -banjo
Gill - upright bass
Joe - mandolin
Keith - guitar.


Twisty Turns

The Twisty Turns are formed from experienced musicians that have firmly forged their place on the British and European Americana scene. This vibrant trio have played alongside each other in various bands for many a year.
Abundant and original musical thoughtfulness, great song writing and accomplished musicianship make up the warm and vibrant sound that is The Twisty Turns.

CAME SEPTEMBER is the long awaited debut album from UK Country trio The Twisty Turns. With 10 original songs and a bonus traditional fiddle tune, Came September combines great song writing and excellent musicianship with music that draws on influences from the old sounds of Country, Folk, warm Country Blues and Bluegrass.


Saturday October 28th 2017

The Vanguards

The Vanguards

Jack Baker on lead vocals, mandolin and guitar.
Alex Clarke on baritone vocals and guitar.
Chris Lord on bass vocals and banjo.
Laura Nailor on tenor vocals and fiddle.
Pete Thomas on bass fiddle.

Saturday 8th July 2017

The Kentucky Cow Tippers

Supported by Alive and Picking

Since forming in 2008, the Kentucky Cow Tippers have deservedly earned a reputation as one of the hardest working and most exciting acts on the UK’s acoustic music scene. Their unique approach to bluegrass draws from a deep appreciation of every aspect of the genre: the y’ve absorbed everything from traditional Appalachian harmonies and fiddle tunes through to the psych/country - tinged sounds of Old & In the Way and the Seldom Scene, as well as progressive “Newgrass” by the likes of Béla Fleck and Punch Brothers. They inco rporate all of these elements, along with folk, pop/rock and jazz influences, into their original material and refreshing renditions of bluegrass classics.

Founding members Sam Wear (banjo), Rupert Hughes (guitar) and Evan Davies (mandolin) all hail from t he North East, and are responsible, individually and collectively, for penning the group’s original material. In 2014, this core trio was augmented by American fiddler Niles Krieger and jazz bassist Sam Quintana. The result is a driving, energetic quintet that delivers a tight yet spontaneous stage show.

If you enjoy close vocal harmonies, wild bluegrass improvisation, witty stage banter and brown corduroy jackets, then you’ll love the Kentucky Cow Tippers – just don’t ask about the name!

The Kentucky Cow Tippers


Saturday 29th April 2017

The Hot Rock Pilgrims

Supported by Alive and Picking

The Hot Rock Pilgrims are an old-time/bluegrass supergroup featuring some of the most exciting young pickers in the South East of England. Dan Edwards is well known for his superb guitar and clawhammer work with bands such as The So Last Century String Band, Solid Gone, Amy Harrison & The Second Hand String Band and most recently with Ben Paley's Long Hill Ramblers. Hubert, Bruno and Sam have been making waves in England and Ireland with acclaimed Bluegrass/Irish fusion band Lands End. And they’re newly appointed old time fiddle Wiz kid Kieran Towers (Winner of the Foatmad fiddle contest) has performed with the Likes of Bruce Molsky, Brittany Haas and Rayna Gellert. Together they will take you on a high-energy pilgrimage of Appalachian music and its descendants

Hot Rock Pilgrims


See a video of Mean Mother Blues Here...


Saturday March 4th 2017

The Ben Somers String Band.

Ben Somers String Band

Saturday 28th January 2017

Special C

Sunday November 20th 2016

Early Xmas Special with the Rich Pickin's and The Biggin Hillbillies.

Rich Pickin's
Rich Pickin's

Biggin Hillibillies
The Biggin Hillbillies

Saturday September 10th 2016

From the USA The Whitetop Mountain Girls

Whitetop Mountain Girls

Friday May 13th 2016

From Holland
The Stroatklinkers


Saturday April 16th 2016

The Allen Family

The Allen Family

Saturday  December 12th

Xmas Bash


Porchlight Smoker

Porchlight Smoker

Alive and Picking


The One Tree Hillbillies

One Tree Hillbillies

Saturday October 10th


Blossom Hill

Blossom Hill

Magnolia Sky

Magnolia Sky


Alive and Picking

Saturday July 11th.

Elijah Blue

Elijah Blue

Saturday 23rd May 2015

The Allen Family

The Allen Family

Saturday April 11th 2015.

Mardi Grass

Mardi Grass at the Cross Keys
Mardi Grass at the Cross Keys

Mardi Grass - plus Ray - at the Cross Keys

Mardi Grass plus Ray

Mardi Grass plus Ray

Saturday 13th December 2014

The Biggin Hillbillies

Biggin Hillbillies


Saturday 6th December 2014

The Corn Potato String Band

Corn Potato String Band


Saturday 20th September 2014

The Ninfield Memorial Hall,
Ninfield, Nr Battle.
East Sussex TN33 9EE

Whitetop Mountain Band Poster

July 19th 2014

The Jaywalkers

BBC Radio 2 Young Folk Award Finalists

The Jaywalkers

Mike, Jay and Lucy are The Jaywalkers. 
Creating a unique sound based on their collective and individual musical backgrounds, the band takes influence from folk, bluegrass, country and western swing music in the form of virtuosic instrumentals, three part harmony and occasional slap bass. Add good humour, tasteful arrangements and exceptional musicianship to the mix and they are guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

Last Date at the Coulsdon Venue

Saturday April 19th 2014


12 Noon to 11pm
Workshops, and Concert with

The Grass Snakes

The Grass Snakes

"Honky Tonk Bluegrass"
The Grass Snakes are a new bluegrass band that play an exciting mix of bluegrass classics and other material, using traditional bluegrass instrumentation of Fiddle, Banjo, Guitar, Mandolin, Double Bass and 3/4 part harmony vocal, delivered in the high, lonesome way. More...

Saturday March 8th 2014

Mardi Grass Bluegrass

Mardi Grass band

Website here...

Saturday December 14th 2013

Xmas Party Bash
Hatful of Rain

Hatful of RAin

Read more...


The One Tree Hillbillies.

One Tree Hillbillies


Saturday October 12th 2013

The New Essex Bluegrass Band

The New Essex Bluegrass Band


Saturday July 13th

Down County Boys

Down County Boys

Peter Parker. Fiddle, Viola, Vocals
Mick Cooper. Upright Bass, Guitar, Vocals
Dan Norton. Mandolin, Guitar, Vocals
Chris Elson. Resophonic Guitar, Guitar, Vocals
Chris Cooper. Banjo, Guitar, Vocals

Check them out here...

Saturday May 4th 2013

Blossom Hill Bluegrass Band

Saturday March 9th 2013

Biggin Hillbillies.

Check them out here...

Saturday Dec 11th 2010

Xmas Party Bash

The Thunderbridge Boys
The Ghost Town Showdown
The Biggin Hillbillies
Alive and Picking

Saturday October 9th 2010

The New Essex Bluegrass Band

September 11th 2010

Amy Gallatin & Stillwater USA

July 9th 2010

Home Territory

Saturday May 15th 2010

First Event at the Hillcrest Halls Venue

Worshops with:
Joe Mcilvenny (beginners banjo)
Roland Emmanuel (mandolin)
Chris Moreton (Guitar + ?)

Concert with:
Roland Emmanuel (Roots & Galoots)
Chris Moreton headlining the evening,
with The Biggin Hillbillies and The Grass Hoppers


Easter Event April 2nd & 3rd 2010

Good Friday Evening Concert:
Acoustic Astronauts with Chris Haigh (Fiddle)
Biggin Hillbillies
Deep River
Les Elvin + Anglo French Bluegrass
Resident Band The Grass Hoppers

Saturday Evening Concert:
Monroe's Revenge (
Joe & Jolene

February 12th 2010

Coup de Grass (

Rick Townend Write Up

Taken From The Tunbridge Wells Bluegrass & Acoustic Music Club (News Letter)

Roving Round

In the next few issues I’ll cover the regular clubs and sessions in our area, in case members fancy travelling out on other nights.
For a list of everything that’s on see the listings section. Or see my website.

This time round I thought I’d cover the Bluegrass Plus Club at Netherne Football Club in Woodplace Lane, South Coulsdon. Although the venue is not very far from the A23 and civilisation, it’s approached via some small back- roads, and by the time you get there you feel miles from anywhere, so check a map before setting out or call Ray or Sheila Tassie on 01424 893390; they also have a Website which is still being developed. Although the club has been running less than a year it has built up attendance well, and when I was there in January it was pretty full. The performance area is a bit like a small village hall. With a nice stage easily big enough for a five piece bluegrass band plus PA, and seating with tables. The bar is adjacent; being a club prices are low they have a member’s only policy but membership is only £6; entrance is between £2 and £7. The guests in January a Band Like Alice, giving of their best; despite the cold weather. Which they claimed was affecting their fingers the lead instruments – Bob Winquist (fiddle), Richard Collins(bjo), Alan Ward (mln) and sometimes Gary Payne (gtr) were all picking really great breaks, and the singing – with lead vocals from Richard, Gary and Sherryl – was as usual exciting and just right. The residents are no mean act either, though the band will be changing line up soon, this being Dave Smith’s last appearance with them. Mandolinist Ray Tassie is one of the club organizers, guitarist /lead singer Richard Hook also writes many of the bands songs, while Mike Flood has played bass for bands including the others for many years – older readers will remember the Hickory Nuts and Wild Oats.

They operate on the second Friday every month, and as the club has been so successful a small festival is planned in April which falls on Easter weekend with events on the Saturday following on from the regular night on (Good) Friday 14th. Keep an eye on the website or call Ray and Sheila for more details

2006 Easter Event

Here are a few responses after our first Easter Event

Dear Sheila and Ray,
Just a quick line to thank you once again for a great weekend, It was obvious that you had both worked hard to make the weekend a great success and everybody seemed to be having a great time and I for one met many old friends and made some new ones, only my fingers are complaining as I do not think I stopped playing and singing all Saturday!! . A big thanks for you showed us you are lovely people and a credit to the Bluegrass community, that is what it is all about. I hope you got a buzz from the experience and that the event becomes a regular on the calendar.
Regards George Malcolmson

Sheila & Ray,
Thanks for a great day yesterday and all your hard work, please give our regards to all the staff and what a great time I had picking and chatting to all the familar faces and new ones. Bye the way I got back ok without any detours!!
Thanks Phill Morley

Dear Ray and Sheila,
Just a quick note to thank you for all your efforts over the weekend. I had a great time and I'm sure everyone else did too. I do understand the aggravation involved in arranging an event like this one and appreciate the work you and Ray have done to arrange the weekend. Thanks for your hospitality.
Grahame Turner

Hi Sheila & Ray & the gang-
This is to tell you that I’ve been delighted in meeting you & your lovely friends at the bluegrass plus club, to thank you as much as I can for your warm welcome & help & to tell you to that I m looking forward in meeting you if you ever want to come & visit us, thus there is very few bluegrass people around. I keep a marvellous souvenir of my stay in Coulsdon & of all the nice people I happened to meet there .I m sure looking forward to attend the next meeting you’ ll organise, maybe with my young fiddler companion this time .I talked her so much about you & your warm welcome. I d recommend my bluegrass friends in France to visit it just to see how nice it s been.Thank You all again for the warm welcome & so friendly help you provide My kindest regards to you ,with a special thought for banjo Bob who taught me some very nice crooked banjo chords , & to Pete Stanley who was so kind & patient to me, anyway , have as a good life as possible meanwhile , keep on picking & maybe think of me sometimes-
Affectueusement jpJean Paul

Good morning Ray and Sheila.
It was kind of you to ask us along, we had fun and enjoyed the day. It was good to see the dance workshop so well supported and the shuffles were perfectly executed by all! You are to be congratulated on putting together such an enjoyable day. We were sorry to have to leave and miss the evening concert but judging by the jamming which was going on when we were leaving, it no doubt went well. Best wishes to you both and Thanks again. See you soon.
Val and Chas

Morning, the suns shining and its warm why couldn't it have arrived a day earlier. Do hope your visitors have all gone and that you're able to crash out, you certainly deserve it for all your efforts. Hopefully have learnt a bit along the way should you ever decide you want to repeat a mini-Fest. again??? Just hope you're not out of pocket on the deal.
Pam & Alan Colls

Dear Sheila and Ray
Many thanks for a lovely day on Saturday. We thoroughly enjoyed it and are most grateful to you for providing us with the opportunity to play and dance and meet fellow bluegrass enthusiasts. Mick found the workshop with Adrian very beneficial, the barn dance was great fun and the concert was really good in the evening. see you soon.
Best wishes from Di and Mick Allchorne